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Hartford Dismas House

1673 Maple Street
PO Box 174
Hartford, VT 05047
Phone: (802) 698-8661

Tom Grillo, House Director

Gale Nadeau, Assistant House Director  

Wendy John, Transition Coordinator  

“The need is so great, and the support of the Town of Hartford and of the community of Hartford have been really strong.”

 – Jan Tarjan, Former Executive Director, Dismas of VT


Local Council

Chair Person
Bartlett Leber

Vice Chairperson
Jennifer Rataj

Lisa D. Sharp

Financial Liaison
Eileen Lambert


Kenneth Baker
Jim Marmar
Jeff Backus
Drew Rockwell
Kristi Saunders
Eleanor Zue
Lawrence Waters

Executive Director
Jim Curran

Program Manager
Kim Parsons

Rita Whalen McCaffrey


Dismas of Vermont, Inc continues to follow CDC and Vermont Department of Health guidelines to reduce the risk for COVID-19 at our houses.